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Despite our best efforts (at least ten-minutes of hard work) we have not been able to come up with everyone's address and importantly email address.  Additionally, our initial attempt was just to compile a list of brothers who graduated between 1964 and 1974.  We would prefer to expand the span of years, and we need current addresses for some we already have on our list , but for whom the address is out-of-date.

Email addresses are very important.  We don't have money for real mail very often, and since Dick Tito had the temerity to retire, we can no longer use his secretary to type letters. 

 If you are not on our list, we encourage you to fill out the form below to get on the list.  We will send you email, but we do not publish email addresses online, we do not sell names and addresses, and we won't try to sell you anything except space at our reunions.

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